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Shopee 3.3 Mega Sales Campaign

Assalamualaikum. Saja nak kongsi job terbaharu sebagai Shopee Ambassador untuk kempen Shopee 3.3 Mega Sales Campaign. Fiza perlu ambil gambar dengan macam kat bawah nie.

Shopee_MY 3.3 Mega Sale is here! They are not playing around with the word. ‘Mega’, look at this MEGA SALE!
Don’t miss out on the @Shopee_MY 3.3 Mega Sale campaign, it’s today!!
I’m definitely going to be shopping, preparing for my next holiday vacation. Will save so much money because Shopee is having 50% Shocking Sale, and today there’s 5 more sessions!

Faster add all of your fav items into your cart, and shop now during the Shopee 3.3 Mega Sale using this link Shopee Malaysia.

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