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Experience a New Game Challenge this School Holiday with Hasbro New! Products

New game, new challenge, what are you waiting for!

School holiday is around the corner and children jump for joy as they look forward to spending time on their hobbies and holiday plans. To them, school holiday is the perfect time for them to do whatever they want, whether indoor or outdoor.

It is a great challenge for parents to plan on what to do, at the same time to ensure that their children do not engage in inappropriate activities. Parents need to correct their children’s mindset that something interesting is not always right, while something good is not always boring.

Discover the new board games by Hasbro - Monopoly Chance and Twister Air this holiday! Learning something new together as a family is a wonderful way to connect with your children.

Monopoly Chance (RM125.90)

Not your usual Monopoly board game, risk it all with the flip of a card! The Monopoly Chance game is the high-stakes, card-flipping version of the Monopoly game—and it only takes about 20 minutes to play! Gather around the table with your peers and experience a dynamic twist in the journey of property domination.

Compete to buy properties around the board and simultaneously, experience unexpected opportunities, and challenges with the new Chance cards. But be careful, one too many flipped cards could reveal a Bankrupt card!

At the end of the game, you may be on top of the world or down in the mouth.

Twister Air (RM109.90)

Your typical Twister game has now transformed into AI, Twister Air! The new app-enabled game takes the classic Twister from the mat to the screen using augmented reality. You know the drill – Twister Air challenges players to get tangled up and twisted in a whirlwind of positions, with limbs all over the place.

With Twister Air, you can get the party started by striking up some random moves the game has for you and your peers. This party game will make players laugh out loud while watching themselves and their opponents on their devices!

Monopoly Chance and Twister Air are available now at Toys ‘R’ Us, Hasbro Official Store on Lazada and Shopee.

Get some friendly competition going with your family board game!

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