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Galaxy AI Transforms the Iconic S Series to Make Your Everyday Epic

Samsung Malaysia Ushers in New Era of Mobile AI with Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

(L-R) Liew Kian Meng (Vice President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics), Denny Kim (President, Samsung Malaysia Electronics), Kevin Kim (Business Director of Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics)

Yes, it’s here. And yes, it’s as epic as you thought it would be. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has finally unleashed a whole new universe of mobile experiences with the launch of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24, powered by Galaxy AI. To celebrate the launch, Malaysian fans were treated to an up-close and personal look at how AI amplifies nearly every experience on the much beloved Galaxy S24 series.

Communicate without barriers using features like Call Assist’s real time Live Translate and Chat Assist’s Chat Translation, Writing Style, Spelling and Grammar. Maximize your creative freedom with Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine and Photo Assist’s in-painting, reflection removal and object removal features. Rediscover the meaning in your work with Note Assist’s, Auto Format, Summarize, Correct Spelling and spelling. And explore the world around you in new and exciting ways with Circle to Search with Google.

Immerse yourself in an epic Galaxy AI powered adventure and re-live the launch’s greatest moments with these photos below.

Say 안녕히 가세요 (this is where the Call Assist would translate it to goodbye) to all language barriers as you communicate seamlessly across different languages with Call Assist!

(R) Live Translate allows users to communicate in various languages within Samsung’s native phone app — no third-party app is required.

Productivity gets turbocharged with Note Assist in Samsung Notes, featuring AI-generated summaries, template creation that streamlines notes with pre-made formats, and cover creation to make notes easy to spot with a brief preview.

Media were fully immersed in the Galaxy AI presentation. Galaxy AI introduces meaningful intelligence aimed at enhancing every part of life, especially the phone's most fundamental role: communication.

Luke Au, Head of Product Marketing, Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics

One of the renowned tech YouTubers, @KeEn was ecstatic to check out the Galaxy S24 series colour options. On Galaxy S24 Ultra, colors include Titanium Gray, Titanium Black, Titanium Violet and Titanium Yellow. It comes with online exclusive colors include Titanium Blue, Titanium Orange and Titanium Green. On Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 colors include Onyx Black, Marble Gray, Cobalt Violet and Amber Yellow. It comes with online exclusive colors include Sandstone Orange, Sapphire Blue and Jade Green.

(L-R) influencers Alex Ho and Shufaye Wong checking out the Galaxy’s AI-powered camera system. Premium Galaxy S series camera features now integrate directly with mobile apps in HDR to level up social sharing.

Renowned influencer Michiyo Ho posing with the newly launched Galaxy S24 Ultra

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