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Can we wear shapewear outside? How to wear it correctly

Shapewear has been known for many years to be worn under your clothing. But are we still wearing them as innerwear? Can shapewear be worn outside? The reality is that fashion doesn’t have rules and the ones we believe shouldn’t be broken, end up being broken on many different occasions.

And just like that, that “rule” of shapewear only being worn as innerwear has been broken and now, we can enjoy the new popular wholesale shapewear outerwear trend. And for those wondering if shapewear can be worn outside. And don’t feel bad or ashamed of trying this new trend. You’ll definitely be looking stylish.

Where can you get the reliable shapewear?

There are many brands of shapewear that offer a wide range of shapewear, but not so many offer shapewear outerwear like Waistdear does. They are one of the leading manufacturers of shapewear but they are also an innovative wholesale brand that will offer you the best prices and products with the highest quality and also eco-friendly and sustainable.

They offer a wide range of shapewear, as well as wholesale waist trainers, fajas, and many other pieces that will satisfy the needs of many around the world. It’s important to know that not every single shapewear is designed to target the whole body. Many target different parts of the body, so when you are looking for the right one you need to know what part of your body you want to focus and target with your shapewear.

They offer many wholesale services, customization, and drop shipping, and they will for sure be great business partners for those who are starting their shapewear business. Waistdear also has a range of shapewear outerwear that you will love.

How to wear shapewear as outerwear correctly?

As we know, we don’t really need to wear our shapewear just as innerwear or under our outfit. Nowadays you can wear it outside and as there are no rules in fashion, there are really any rules to wearing your shapewear as outerwear. How you wear it will depend on the piece, of course, and the outfit you will wear.

For example, you can wear a built-in shaper dress with a nice blazer or jacket, depending on the length of the dress and also the length of the sleeves, if you want to have a more casual style, then add a pair of chunky sneakers and for a more elegant style, a pair of heels or heeled sandals are going to be a great option too.

One of the most trendy and popular pieces of shapewear outerwear are bodysuit and we can see many options and inspirations from celebrities and influencers on social media alike. One of the most popular outfits that we can see with bodysuits is pairing them with high-waisted jeans and once again, it will depend on the style you want to reflect. For a more office-friendly style, you can pair them with a blazer and heels and more casual with a jacket and sneakers.

Now, there are also some bodysuits that have designs that are very trendy and look similar to many famous tops that are trending. These, if it's not too cold, you can wear them alone with your favorite high-waisted jeans or even with nice leather pants or leggings too.

There are also pants, leggings, and tops with shaping technology, and they can be worn and paired with either your favorite pants or tops and even mix these pieces together. It will depend on you, your own style, and what will make you feel more comfortable wearing too.

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