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How do I become Blogger Influencer

Early involvement with blogging

At first I was not interested in becoming a blogger. But since I have a friend who shares the experience of successfully making money by just writing on a blog, it caught my eye.

With that, I started owning a blog in early 2011. But focusing on writing for the sake of making money was very wrong. I have no direction. Makes me feel, where can I make money this way.

It's true what people say ...

Being a Blogger is indeed fun, especially the aspects that we discuss more specifically with the hobbies we live in plus can make money too.

But it is not uncommon for beginner Bloggers, to start with a focus or goal of earning money, even though to become a reliable Blogger there are many aspects that must be passed. Before you decide to become a reliable Blogger, let's take a look at some steps that I do follows to become a Blogger.

How do I become a Blogger

1. Get started to focus on one topic

One of the mistakes I made in the beginning was a messy content management system. In order to be more easily recognizable and seen by other bloggers and clients, I must focus more on the topic of discussion to one particular section. For example, discussing product reviews specifically, or simply sharing a story about a product experience, or a travel story.

2. Expand and enrich Media Content

Don’t just focus on the blog platform alone. That’s what I experienced during my 8 years of blogging, no progress was made. No client wants to use my services as a blogger. And after 8 new years I realized, as a profession that is directly related to the realm of technology, a Blogger is indeed required to continue and learn to maximize the social media platform that is now a trend.

I also realized that professional Bloggers no longer rely on written content, but have entered videos published through YouTube channels or photos as a filler for content on Instagram.

3. Get a brand for myself

This is what most bloggers overlook. The first thing I should have to prepare for when I want to build an image as a blogger is the brand. Yes! A brand is a reflection of an identity that can be symbolized in the form of a name or logo that is easy to remember and recognize. The easiest is to use my own name. Wherever I go, I will introduce the name of the blog we have.

It would be better if it syncs with all social media platforms with one name, like my own example, FB: ḥafiẓa Aizzawa, IG: fizaizawa, tiktok: fizaizawa.

Easier isn't it?

4. Create a Niche Blog

Usually, popular niche blogs are Travel, Parenting, Food and Lifestyle blogs. This shows our master skills in one field of knowledge and will definitely be a bonus for us and clients who need a blogger who is skilled in the desired writing. I personally use a niche parenting, beauty and lifestyle as it appears in the header of the my blog.

5. Following the Blog Community

  • KBBA9
Finally in 2020 I found a very great blogger community which is the Ben Ashaari Bloggers Club (KBBA9). KBBA9 (Ben Ashaari Bloggers Club) is a Malaysian blogger community founded by Ben Ashaari since 2009. Today, there are more than 100 bloggers from various backgrounds and ‘niche’ blogs in this blogger community.

Each member of KBBA9 has their own strengths and advantages on social media and blogs in general, but due to the discipline in congregational work practiced by KBBA9 from the very beginning, it turns out that the decisions made have a greater impact. This is evidenced by KBBA9 which is often the choice of business owners regardless of product or service to work together to help them increase 'brand awareness' among the public.

Brands that have worked with KBBA9 include Cosmoderm, AirAsia, Tourism Malaysia and many more.

  • Bloggers Malaysia #Biters
Bloggers Malaysia is a community that brings together many bloggers and is under the auspices of Bite Media Consultants. They are also called #BITERS.

Biters was founded by Puan Siti Awadah, a mother of 6 children. She became a full-time housewife in order to take care of her own six children. To help ease her husband's burden, she began looking for ways to generate income without having to step out of the house.

From that moment on, she continued to go step by step in finding opportunities on how to generate income by blogging with other fellow bloggers.

I learn a lot of writing skills as well as the opportunity to carry out an official product review that's well worth paying.

6. Maximize Website Performance

The last step that I  use as a guide when I want to start a career as a Blogger is to maximize the appearance of the website design so that it is liked by many visitors. From blogspot domain to dot com domain. 

I found an interesting blog template to use, then combined it with using quality hosting and a premium domain name to make it more professional. Then make social media to support and expand my website brand.

Most Bloggers are Influencers, but not all Influencers are Bloggers

Currently, blogger is also a popular profession because it doesn't require a lot of capital to write a blog. Unless they have a website that is built with self-hosting, that's a different matter. Making blogger as a profession requires a little confidence and knowledge to share.

Meanwhile, Influencer is a term for people who have a large number of followers or followers on social media who have a strong influence on their followers following what they share.

In the past, only an artist could be an influencer. But now, from various professions like Blogger, Youtuber and even social media activists (celebrities) can be influencers.

Finally.. I am now a Blogger and an Influencer

I also have 10k followers on Instagram. I have also done various reviews on social media as well as on blogs. Indeed I feel like I have been on the right platform after becoming a blogger and now I am also an influencer.

Lucky me to be a Blogger Influencer.

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  1. well indeed I can't denied, a blogger can be an influencer, but an influencer might not be able to be blogger itself

  2. good luck n sukses selalu sebagai blogger and influencer

  3. Wow! So motivated. Being a blogger is more about passion. We share what we love and also gain some knowledge also. So proud of you sis. Congrats!

  4. Alhamdulillah, nad memilih untuk jadi blogger. Banyak pro and contra. Nad jadi blogger pun ada step-stepnya..hehehe..

  5. Seronok bila bergwlar blogger sebab dapat buat duit plus tambah kawan yang ramai

  6. Thanks for sharing your journey as a blogger influencer, memang hard work but berbaloi lah

  7. So true. Bloggers can be an influencer but not all influencers can be a blogger.

  8. tahniah fiza! segala penat lelah terasa berbaloi kan. :D kipidap!!

  9. Assalamualaikum. i adore u, sis! so inspired! Thanks for sharing this.

  10. ya.. asalnya hanya luahan hati... lama2 byk sharing mengenai lifestyle dan pekerjaan

  11. Moga bertambah mJu jaya dalam bidang yg diceburi. Semua ni krn minat mmg berbaloi